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Boost Your Recycling Fundraiser with Easy Fundraising Ideas & Programs offers a great way for non profits throughout the United States to raise money with our cell phone recycling program. We suggest that every fundraiser group take part in this recycling program. However, we understand that cell phone recycling fundraisers may not provide all the resources every fundraising group requires.

Easy Fundraising Ideas & Programs

In order to help our recycling groups identify other fundraising ideas, we have partnered with the folks at Easy Fundraising Ideas. Their comprehensive, fundraising website offers unique ideas, fund raising tips and the finest programs for fundraising groups of all sizes. Here are just a few of the fundraising programs you will find on the Easy Fundraising Ideas website:

Fundraising Programs for Preschools, Elementary, Middle & High Schools to College & Alumni Associations

Each and every year there are new groups and organizations popping up in our schools! These new groups, as well as the older, established groups find they need to raise money. Thus the need for school fund raising programs! That is why Easy Fundraising Ideas offers so many school fundraising ideas. In order to provide for these diverse groups, Easy Fundraising Ideas offers both pre sell and direct sale fundraising items. There are programs designed for individual fundraisers, and programs for school event fundraisers. You will also find fundraisers that do not require any upfront money to get started which is extremely important for school clubs and sports teams. The best known no cash upfront fundraisers is the frozen cookie dough fundraising event.

Fundraising Programs for Sports Teams; Cheerleading, Football, Little League to Varsity Baseball

Without financial backers many sports groups need to raise money for operating costs, uniforms and equipment. Thus the need for sports fundraising programs! The most popular choices among sports teams and leagues is candy fundraising. Easy Fundraising Ideas offers nationally recognized brands like Hershey's and M&M&'s. They also offer a fundraising specific candy line that can be purchased one case at a time. That means - any size group, large or small can take advantage of candy fundraisers.

Fundraising Programs for Non-Profit, Charity, Causes and Clubs

The most diverse group requiring fundraisers are non profits. Providing fundraising ideas for non profits is another specialty at Easy Fundraising Ideas. They offer informative pages that discuss various types of non profits from adoption fundraising, Humane Society fundraising to youth club fundraisers. Easy Fundraising Ideas has including fundraising tips and information, and a minimum of three suggestions of fundraising products for each type of non profits.

If you would like to receive more information about these and other proven fundraising ideas Easy Fundraising Ideas will be happy to send you a FREE 24-page catalog. Click here to request your No Obligation FREE Fundraising Catalog.

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